Today’s the big day!

It’s my grandmother’s birthday!

grandma-1She is one of those grandmothers. She took me to work with her cleaning houses, and never minded that I disappeared into my imagination and never really helped. When I screamed outside, she came running – whether it was a bee or a huge hog that had trapped me and my younger cousin in the barnyard (because we didn’t run as fast as the boys). She never minded when I came over for Sunday afternoons and spent all my time reading. She even handed me books.

Grandma-2We competed over Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble. We were on the same team for Trivial Pursuit – bouncing in our chairs when we knew the answer to the other team’s question. She’s tried for years to teach me to quilt and to make gravy – neither of which I’ve mastered. And, for the last four years, she’s asked when she could read my book.

Today’s that day.

My release day, my debut release day, is my grandmother’s birthday. How cool is that?

1115_9781460394380_Soft_Target_WebI’m going to ride a roller-coaster all day, I’m sure – all while trying to do my day job and not obsess over reviews and Amazon rankings. I hope you have great day.

Remember to get your copy of Soft Target. And remember to leave an honest review once you’ve read it. Grandma wouldn’t want you to lie.

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