I can’t believe I haven’t told you!

This has been an eventful summer for a lot of different reasons, and I haven’t been updating you like I should.

1115_9781460394380_Soft_Target_WebThe biggest news is that in June I sold my romantic suspense manuscript to Carina Press. I’ve spent my summer working with the fabulous Kerri Buckley and the team at Carina on retitling the book (because I never name it until I have to), edits, and the cover.  (Isn’t it pretty?)

It’s been a terrific summer, full of all sorts of surprises for a first time author as we brought this book to life.  I’ve learned a great deal, and I’m thrilled to be involved with the team at Carina.

The release date is November 16, and it goes up for pre-order next week.  You can find out more about it here.

And I’m busy now writing the second book in the series.

So I’ve not told you because I’ve been too busy having something to tell you.

Who am I?

readingWelcome! I’m a new romance author, and I can’t wait to share my journey with you. As far as me … After a lifetime of reading and telling stories to my friends, I wrote one down (or typed it in, as the case may be). That was four years ago. Since then I’ve learned a few things.

1. Writing is hard.

2. The community is full of amazing, generous people.

3. I’m braver than I thought I was.

4. The learning never ends, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I like to tell stories about places I would love to visit, populated by people I’d like to meet. Well, maybe not the villains. Most of my plots start with “what if?”  As far as genre … expect anything. I write the story I’d want to read. Right now, it’s contemporary romance and romantic suspense – but I love it all. So, settle in. I’ll share what I learn, tell you about the books as they’re released, and share the things that make me laugh. I live in the southern United States. I have a husband who my friends have knighted as Mr. Perfect (MP for short), and I have a day job (which you won’t hear anything about).

~ Mia